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Logistics park

The demand for comprehensive logistics services by far surpasses what is on offer in Slovenia. There is a lack of a suitable logistics and distribution facilities from the Port of Koper to the Austrian frontier, which makes Aeropolis Logistics Park essentially a commercial opportunity. This was first felt by the company DHL, which is why their distribution centre already operates at Aeropolis. There is considerable interest on the part of logistics companies to follow the example.

Moreover, the large area of about 86 000 m2 enables tenants to carry out a wide range of logistics concepts. Investors can acquire individual building plots from 2 500 to 4 000 m2 to build their own logistics facilities. The construction of multifunctional, rentable storage areas for the market is also possible.

In Aeropolis logistics activities are planned over a gross floor area of 27 000 m2 in one- to two storey buildings. It is expected that an additional gross floor area of 80 000 m2 will be spread across the rest of the airport.