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Business centre

The pulse of modern working life is mirrored in the glass façades of the Aeropolis business centre.

The Business Centre building plot comprises 22 000 m2. Accord¬ing to urban spatial planning requirements up to 26 000 m2 of gross floor area can erect in the quarter.

The Business Centre complex will be made up of three buildings. Each consists of three to five above the ground storeys, arranged around a central courtyard that may include roof cover. Since each building stands on its own plot (from 2 500 to 4 000 m2 in size), construction of separate, individual properties can be developed in phases. The initial phase anticipates the construction of two buildings with some 17 700 m2 gross floor area. Of the 1000 anticipated car parks, the majority are located in the below-the-ground storey. The construction of multi-storey basement is also possible.

The Business Centre is a perfect place for all kinds of business services, offices and high-tech companies. On the ground floor you'll find restaurants, speciality shops, bars and other street-level services.