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More than a hotel

Within an architecturally impressive hotel-conference complex, you'll find a small city, complete with a myriad of attractive services.

The flexible interior concept allows the tenant to phase the construction as business grows and to develop various complementary services. A modularly conceived three-wing building with five above ground floors is planned for the 30 000 m2, plot, covering more than 25 000 m2 of gross floor area.

The complex will contain, along with a 168 bed hotel, a conference centre and an area with a wide range of short-term ready-to-use office spaces. Do you need an executive office suite or a meeting room for an appointment with a business partner who only has a few hours until departure? At the Aeropolis hotel you'll be able to rent one.

The above suggestions for the hotel are just to show prospective investors the myriad of possibilities the project has to offer within the framework of the current development plan. However, the final shape and content will be defined by the tenant and may completely change.

Accomodation facilities and conference areas are currently lacking the most at the airport hence construction of the hotel is a top priority. Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., is already preparing the necessary documentation required to start with the construction works.