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Sustainable development

At Aerodrom Ljubljana we have decided to consistently follow the principles of sustainable development, considering environmental problems and the interests of local communities as being on the equal level as the economic, technical and aesthetic perspectives of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.

We will continue our commitment to the local community and its social and cultural agenda, by supporting different events, activities and programmes to make people see that living near an airport can also be of benefit to them. We strive to protect against noise, handle energy carefully, and care about keeping the environment clean. We are active in the field of health; we contribute also to the development of knowledge and education.

Buildings in Aeropolis will be constructed on the principles of passive energy. Even now we carefully monitor the energy consumption of the heating and air-conditioning systems. The fact that a large proportion of the parking spaces will be situated on basement floors will have a positive impact on the total amount of green areas provided, allowing for the creation of well designed open spaces.

In cooperation with specialists in the field of energetics, we are looking into the production and storage of renewable energy to fulfill the needs of Aeropolis.

At the moment, about 1500 jobs are supported by airport activities. The number will slowly increase along with the planned expansion. We expect at least another 1500 people to work in Aeropolis.