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Time plan

Aeropolis will radically change the appearance of the current airport. The pace of development will follow the market situation, hence the construction phases may also overlap. The modification of the existing passenger terminal has already begun and a new access road is under construction.

Construction Phase 1

At the moment, what the airport lacks most is a business-congress centre and nighttime facilities, which is why construction of the hotel and congress centre is taking priority. In addition to constructing buildings that fall within the framework of airside activities, further enlargement of the logistics park is anticipated.

Construction Phase 2

A new cargo terminal building will be constructed. Along with the increased road traffic capacity a further expansion of the logistics centre is foreseen. The new bus station and a parking garage will be built and initial works in the business park will take off.

Construction Phase 3

Further development of Aeropolis will take place in accordance with the anticipated growth of air traffic due to the increase in the volume of transported passengers and cargo. The need for increased capacities on all levels will also dictate the expansion of projects which have already been started; a possible upgrading of the Business Centre, the Business Park will take its final form, and the Logistics Park may also expand significantly. There is a lot of space for the development of MRO facilities. 

Construction Phase 4

A railway connection will round off the new Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Public transport will be organised within the framework of the new communications centre, increased traffic throughput and the accessibility of the airport will be mostly reflected in a further enlargement of the logistics centre.