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General aviation

The general aviation centre is responsible for activities of all general aviation airplanes at Ljubljana airport and takes care of maintenance of all commercial, business and private planes, if they do not exceed 41 tons and have less than 19 seats on board.

Services of General Aviation Centre:

  • Taxiing passengers and crew to and from the plane  
  • Assistance with customs and police procedures 
  • Shuttle service to hotels
  • Hotel and car rental reservations
  • Refuelling, 
  • Catering, 
  • All other aircraft maintenance and supply (electricity, water etc.)
  • Cabin cleaning 
  • De-icing of the airplane, 
  • Use of the weather data computer, 
  • Information regarding flight plan and airspace restriction,
  • Security services


All our clients are also welcome to use our:

  • air-conditioned waiting rooms for passengers and crews,
  • duty-free shop,
  • restaurant,
  • conference room,
  • air-conditioned VIP room

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